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Judy Jordan

County Clerk
Physical Address

516 Hillcrest Drive
Brandenburg, KY 40108

GPS Address
500 Courthouse Drive
Brandenburg, KY 40108


Monday thru Friday 8:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Note: For pre-printing an application or seeking additional information from the National Passport Agency, please refer to the https://travel.state.gov website.

The Meade County Clerk’s office will accept and execute passport applications from our office for First-time adults and all minor Passport Book and Passport Card applicants.

Adult renewals are to be mailed to the Department of State by the applicant. Our office can furnish the applicant with the application and may also take the photo ($10.00 cost for photo) for the applicant to submit along with the application.


  • Yourself OR child and both parents if the passport is for a child age 15 or under
  • Certified birth certificate from the state where you were born
  • Valid photo identification (if you do not live in Kentucky, you will need 2 forms of ID)
  • Passport photos (Or we can take your passport photo for an additional fee of $10)
  • Check for Acceptance/Execution fee made payable to Meade County Clerk
  • Check for Application fee made payable to the US Department of State


$35.00 (Acceptance/Execution fee) + $10.00 (if picture is taken in office) payable to Meade County Clerk

Routine Processing:

Takes 8-11 weeks for processing and return. Cost is $130.00 for passport book age 16 and up and is valid for 10 years. For children age 15 and under, the cost is $100.00 and the passport book is valid for 5 years. Adult passport card cost is $30 for ages 16 and up. Minor passport card cost is $15.

Expedited Processing:

Takes 5-7 weeks for processing and return. Cost is $190.00 for adult passport – $130.00 (Passport book) + $60.00 (Expedite fee) – and $160.00 for children 15 and under – $100.00 (Passport book) + $60.00 (expedite fee)

An additional fee of $26.95 for overnight delivery to the passport facility is payable to the Meade County Clerk Office.

An additional fee of $18.32 is payable to the US Department of State for overnight delivery of the issued passport book back to the customer.

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